About Me

Hi, Welcome to my page! Let me give a quick starter about myself :-). I am Srijothi Vijendran, the person behind this cook book. I am married to a wonderful person Vijendran who gives his complete care, affection and protection at all times and a proud mom of a 2 and half year old smart kiddo Prajwal Vijendran. I wouldn't say cooking is my passion because I am one among the wives who learnt cooking only after marriage. I worked full time in a software firm, tried to squeeze in time for family and friends. Cooking was not at all on my priority list for the first few years of marriage life. But everything else took a back seat when my little one demanded me by his side, so I resigned my job to take care of him.

How it started

I had to move to USA for a while due to my husband’s job. It all started then! when I was left alone in a new place with the little one where I cannot go out all by myself for anything. I had lots of time on hand and it’s just the laptop and the internet that helped me throughout the day killing time. So I just thought why not explore the world of cooking. I started trying new recipes.  My man is my food critic. He gives a fair comment. He is the one who encouraged me for blogging! And so here is my humble attempt for sharing the recipes.

Why the name ViJo

PraViJo is our family name framed out of Prajwal, Vijen and Jothi. It started as ViJo and then got restructured to PraViJo :-). The idea of blogging is of VJ's’s and the effort mine. It can also be considered this way, I learnt most of the basic cooking tips from him during my initial days of marriage. Best better-half at all times :-) 

About the cookbook

I would call mine a cook book or a recipe diary rather than a food blog. Here you will find a variety of Indian recipes and some multi-cuisine recipes too. All the recipes are tried by me and tasted by my tester :-). So you can definitely try them without anxiety. This is purely a vegetarian recipe diary, eggs sparingly used on cakes. These recipes are been inspired from my family, friends, cookery shows, magazines or by fellow bloggers, of-course reformed to suit my own taste and need. I am a kind of "Sacrifice taste for a better you" person. So you could find my recipes framed health consciously. I hope you find some useful recipes from my page!

What you may not find in my page  

Few of my posts may not have pictures as I couldn't click them, I will try to upload them soon. As of now plating and picturing are not in my top list as I couldn’t find generous time for it. All that you would find is the ingredients and the cooking methodology explained in short and simple steps.  I will try to improve my writing skills going forward :-)

Credits to fellow bloggers

As I am a novice in the world of food blogging, I had to refer lot of food blogs and recipe articles to gain knowledge as how to present. Few of them are very inspiring. I feel proud giving credits to them as it is where I inherited the writing and presenting skills from.  'Thanks' to you all Padhu, Jeyashri and Raks  :-)

Comments and feedback will always help me improving my page. Please use the comments section of the recipe for any queries or suggestions. Alternately you can write to me at vijoscookbook@gmail.com. Would love to hear from you!


  1. Good start! Keep going! I shall pick few tips from your blog !

  2. Congrats Srijothi ... Blog looks awesome .. Good start .. Looking forward for more recipes from you :-)

  3. Congrats Jothi ...nice start...

  4. Congratulations Jothi...nice start...


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