Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jangri - Jangiri - How to make Jangiri

I have tried my hands on with Jangiris only once and that was couple of years back, when I had no idea of food blogging. So I hadn't clicked any pictures of it then. From the day I started sharing my recipes I wanted to make them again and post the recipe. This time I prepared this for double dhamaka. Its a treat for VJ's bday and my FB page (  crossed 1500+ likes. That calls for a treat rite? :-)

Making these jangiris are not very tough. With little bit of patience and practice we can get perfect ones. Do try this recipe and let me know!!


Whole urad dal - 1 cup
Rice flour - 2 tsp
Orange food color/kesar color - 1/4 tsp

For sugar syrup

Sugar - 2 cups
Water - just to immerse sugar
Lemon juice - 1/2 tsp
Rose essence - 3 or 4 drops (optional)

  1. Wash and soak the urad dal for 2 hours. Drain excess water and grind it to a smooth and fluffy batter, without adding much water, as we do for medhu vada. Add rice flour and food color and mix well. Beat the batter nicely with your hands. Beating the batter is very important as it makes the batter more fluffy. Now the jangiri batter is ready.
  2. Take a ziplock cover or a thick plastic cover and make a hole with a thin nail, the hole should be very tiny.
  3. Prepare the sugar syrup - Heat a heavy bottomed pan, add sugar. Add water just to immerse the sugar. Stir the sugar syrup occasionally, boil until the syrup is sticking in hands or just when a string starts to form. Now add rose essence and stir it well. Switch off the flame. To prevent the sugar syrup from crystallizing,  add half a teaspoon of lemon juice. If the sugar syrup gets crystallized after some time we can again keep in low flame and add a tablespoon of water and dilute it again.
  4. Start piping the Jangiris. Fill half the cover with batter and try piping on a plate first to practice the patterns. First pipe 2 circles, then on the top of it make smaller circles without stopping. Try this once or twice before piping directly into the oil. 
  5. Take a  broad and flat bottomed pan with less oil, say 1inch depth. Heat the oil and reduce the flame to low and start piping the jangiris. The oil should not get fully heated,when it starts forming small bubbles in the bottom start the process.
  6. Fry on both sides until it turns golden brown and crispy. Use a stainless steel rod or a wooden skewer for flipping and taking it out. Handle the jangiris carefully, while touching the jangiris with skewer/rod if they feel soft they need to be cooked for few more seconds. 
  7. Once cooked remove it from oil and drop it into the prepared sugar syrup. Press it gently with a ladle inside the sugar syrup. Let is soak, meantime we will prepare the second batch as we did the first one. 
  8. Once the second batch is ready remove the first batch from the sugar syrup and keep it on a plate to dry, allow them a standing time of 30 mins to 1 hour for best taste. Then drop the second batch of jangiris into the sugar syrup. In this way repeat the process for the rest of the batter. Yummy and delicious jangiris are ready


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