Monday, July 7, 2014

Rose Milk

Rose milk is a perfect drink to relieve and refresh us on any sunny day. Anyone would love this milk for its heavenly taste, smell and its pleasant looking color. I usually make my rose milk with just milk, sugar and the rose syrup. But if you want yours as milkshake you can definitely go ahead and use couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream or heavy cream and adjust the sugar accordingly.


Milk - 1 cup
Rose syrup - 5 or 6 drops, adjust as per the color you prefer
Rose essence - couple of drops
Sugar - 3 tsp approximately, adjust as per taste


Add all the ingredients together in a wide bowl. Stir well so that the sugar dissolves completely. You can also blend them all for few seconds. Refrigerate and serve chilled.


** Do not add ice as this will dilute the drink and will not taste good.
** Rose essence is completely optional, it enhances the flavor of the drink. You can just go with few drops of rose syrup alone. 


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