Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Colorful Dosas For Kids

Kids usually love the food on their plate to be colorful and attractive. Even a regular dish presented in an attractive way will make them finish their plates in minutes. I tried this color dosas for todays evening snack. All you need is some coriander leaves, a tomato and few ladles of dosa batter. You can also use boiled carrots or beetroots for a nice orange and purple color dosa. Make it much more attractive by serving them in different shapes.


Dosa batter - 2 big laddles
Coriander leaves - a fistful
Tomato - 1, small
Oil - few drops for making dosas


Take a ladle of dosa batter in a mixer and grind it along with coriander leaves. Check for salt and add more if required. Heat the dosa pan and prepare green dosas.

Similarly, take a ladle of dosa batter and tomato in the mixer and grind well. Check salt and prepare orange dosas.

You can prepare mini sponge dosas or make them in the size your kid would love. Goes well with regular coconut chutney or with any tangy chutneys.

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