Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Easy Bread-Jam Pinwheels

Kids love the combination of bread and jam. The usual bread-jam sandwich can be made attractive with these bite sized pinwheels. It would just take less than 10 minutes to prepare this. Today was the "Pot Lunch" day  at Prajwal's school. Kids has to help mom in preparing their snacks and they need to share it with their friends. So I made this pinwheels and my lil one helped me in rolling them. I made it with butter and jam combination. You can also use mayonnaise or any cheese spread or any green chutney as a variation. You can also make this a day before and refrigerate. Here I did not refrigerate, so I couldn't get perfect shaped ones. But don't worry about that, they will taste good anyways :-)


Bread slices
Fruit Jam


Trim the sides of the bread slices and on a rolling board, place the slices and roll on them real hard. You will find that bread will become like a sheet.

Spread the butter on the top. Place another slice of bread above the butter spread bread. Roll with the rolling pin to make it flat. Now spread the jam.  Then from one side, roll inward very tightly to join the other side. You will get a long roll. Cut into smaller pieces.

If you are making this way ahead, refrigerate after rolling them. Do not cut them into small pinwheels. Refrigerate and take them out when you need to serve them. Then cut them into smaller pieces and serve.

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