Monday, July 14, 2014

Rose Milk Popsicles/ரோஸ்மில்க் குச்சி ஐஸ்

I had already posted the Rose Milk recipe a week back. I also wanted to make it as a popsicle and post it here. Rose milk popsicle or rose kuchi ice would have been almost everyone's favorite during the school going days. We used to run behind the ice cream man for this. But now being adopted to suit the new life style changes and for health reasons we would never dare to buy ice creams from the road side ice cream man for our kids. The best way to relish those old memories while treating our taste buds is to make them in our very own kitchen. And here is the recipe...


Milk - 1 cup
Rose syrup - 5 or 6 drops, adjust as per the color you prefer
Rose essence - couple of drops
Sugar - 3 tsp approximately, adjust as per taste


Add all the ingredients together in a wide bowl. Stir well so that the sugar dissolves completely. You can also blend them all for few seconds.

Pour this into the popsicle or kulfi moulds. Let it sit in the freezer for atleast 10 hrs. When you take them out from the freezer run some cold water over the moulds and the popsicles can be easily taken out now. The cool kuchi ice is ready to be relished now :-)

  • If you don't have popsicle mould, then you can do it in tumblers.
  • Adjust the rose syrup and sugar according to ur sweet preference. But make sure the rosemilk is bit sweeter than you drink.

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