Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chithra Pournami Platter - Kalavai Sadam

Chitra Pournami, or Chithirai Poornima, is a Tamil ritual observed on the full moon day in the month of Chitirai (April – May). It is a special occasion for Chitragupta who is the assistant of Lord Yama, the God of Death. During this auspicious day, every house in southern India prepares lavish lunch with all mixed rice called as Kalavai sadam in tamil. On this day, special pujas are done and special rice offerings are made to Chitragupta. It is a ritual that they prepare a variety of mixed rices like Sakkarai Pongal, Lemon Rice, Tamarind Rice, Coconut Rice, Curd Rice etc. and offer to the God and eat the same. During my childhood days my mom will prepare all the variety rices and we used to dine in the terrace!! Needless to say that the moonlit dinner would used to be just awesome!!! Missing those good old days and the open terrace night outs...

Recipes on the platter are:
  1. Sakkarai Pongal
  2. Lemon Rice/Elumichai Sadam
  3. Coconut Rice/Thengai Sadam
  4. Tamarind Rice/Pulisadam/Puliyogare
  5. Curd Rice/Thayir Sadam
  6. Urulai Kizhangu poriyal (Potato Poriyal)
 Have a break on this Chithra Pournami from those dining tables, televisions etc and try an open terrace dinner. Everyone in the family will surely love the dinner and the whole lot of time spent together. Happy dining!!

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